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home based web biz opportunities web biz opportunities Home Based Internet Opportunities
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Home Based Internet Business Opportunities
Home Based Internet business

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Home Based Internet Business Opportunities

Home Based Internet Business Opportunities
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Home Business Income

Home Business Opportunities: Affiliate Marketing information and resources for home business income and web biz success. Learn how to make money online.

Residual Income Model for the Home Based Internet Business

Feature Article:

Ideal Residual Income Model for the Home Based Internet Business

GT Bulmer | Residual Income ModelGT Bulmer © StarrBizz.com

Home-based Internet business enthusiasts seek the ideal residual income model to build their financial future. It can be challenging to find one that includes all of the necessary elements for both immediate and long-term success.

Most opportunities promise training and marketing resources, in-demand products or services to sell and a compensation plan to make it all worth your while. Unfortunately, once you sign up and get in the door you find that the promises don’t live up to their billing in one or more areas.

Many Internet business opportunities entice you with the suggestion that all you have to do is sign up and they will do everything for you. I stopped looking at opportunities that make that claim long ago.

Here is the reality of every one of those opportunities: they might provide you with a website or resources to use on your website, and they might provide you with training, but after that, it is still your responsibility to do the marketing. You need to learn and practice a variety of methods to get traffic to your website or affiliate sales page. Think about it: if they did EVERYthing for you, what would they need YOU for?

In my opinion, having researched and tried a variety of online business opportunities, there are three key elements to a truly ideal residual income model. And by “residual income” I mean a process that once you get it started, it keeps going on its own with or without you.

First, you do need an effective training system, one that encourages and motivates you to want to go through it and refer back to it regularly. The ideal training system also rewards you for reviewing it.

Second, yes, you do need an in-demand product or line of products that both excites the marketer and attracts the paying customer. The ideal product line-up offers enough variety to have that “something for everybody” kind of appeal that online shoppers are looking for these days.

If the product line is strong enough and the website where it is presented is designed well enough, all you have to do is send your customer there once and they will return again and again to see what’s new and browse for interesting items. This is one of the ways that produces residual income.

Third, and this is where the residual income model can be most powerful, you need a marketing and compensation plan that effectively encourages and supports sponsoring and duplication.

I am talking about a model where you can introduce others to the program and when they make purchases or sales, you earn commissions or other benefits. Further to that, when team building of this nature is duplicated down through a number of generations in your group, you will continue to earn rewards based on group activity and sales volume.

The success of the marketing and compensation plan is tied directly to the value and variety of the product line. The success of the whole package depends on the thoroughness of the training system.

If you spend enough time and do enough research you might find a few Internet opportunities that include the elements I have noted here. Since I am writing about it, it is obvious that I have found a company that I believe in.

Allow me to invite you to take a look at the SFI Marketing Group. There are no purchase requirements; you can start earning income immediately; and there are a few ways to build long-term residual income.

One more thing: Your success means my success, so we can teamwork for our mutual benefit. I believe in SFI as the ideal residual income model. Please give it a look and let me know if you have any questions.

GT Bulmer, Home Business Resources

Residual Income Opportunity

About GT Bulmer:

GT Bulmer is a freelance writer and home based Internet Marketer active in helping others learn how to develop their skills to achieve web biz marketing success and home business income. Visit and read GT’s active blog site for more information, insight and inspiration: Home Business Resources

Entrepreneur Forums

The EvanCarmichael.com Entrepreneur Forums are popular with business people of all kinds, including home based Internet business enthusiasts. Members and guests enjoy sharing information and insight and networking their web biz products and services.

Home Based Internet Business

Home Business Blog - Previews and Highlights

Home Business Blog - Previews and Highlights

Royalties for Life, Referring E-Commerce Businesses

There are several ways to make money online as an SFI Marketing Group affiliate. Referring e-commerce businesses to the TripleClicks shopping site is one way to earn royalties for life.

Home business marketers can refer businesses to the site. Businesses interested in selling their products on the site can go there directly, sign up for the E-Commerce Associates Program and start selling.

Read my blog post, Royalties for Life, Referring E-Commerce Businesses, for more information.

Why SFI is the Best Home Based Internet Business for You

People interested in home based Internet business opportunities quite often have to test the waters before they find the right opportunity for them. Many successful marketers have discovered SFI!

Through much trial and testing, the SFI Marketing Group has developed an exceptional opportunity that includes above average training and support, an e-commerce shopping site where direct commissions can be earned as well as ongoing passive income, and the concepts of leverage and duplication are applied for maximum benefit.

My blog post, Why SFI is the Best Home Based Internet Business for You, provides more insight and information on this.

Buy and Sell Online With TripleClicks

There are two sides to the e-commerce business: buying and selling. Whether you are interested in one or the other or both, TripleClicks is the ideal e-commerce site for you.

Shoppers will love the bargains, including amazing deals, awesome auctions and other member benefits. Sellers will love the ease of selling their products in a secure, professional e-commerce environment.

You can Buy and Sell Online With TripleClicks with complete confidence. Read my blog post for details.

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Home Based Internet Business Opportunities

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